Inside Accelerator you will find everything to launch, optimize and scale your ads profitably. 

What if you could get expert marketing support to confidently scale ads & increase your revenue...

by knowing exactly how to build your funnels, where your funnel bottlenecks are, how to fix them and how to build ads that fuel your growth?

Not so fun fact: Our agency doesn't take on over 90% of the applications we get to become a client!

It's not because we don't want to.

There's just a gap between where Many Business Owners are right now and where they want to be with their ads + Funnels.

We're here to fix that!


>> What is the best tech I should use and why is it always breaking? How do I track everything?
>> Am I behind the times? 
>> Where should my leads go next in my ads?



>> Are my ad metrics good or bad?
>> Is there a better way and I just don't know?
>> How could my copy and creative be better?
>> Are there opportunities I'm overlooking?



>> You're often left wondering which is best for you?
>> Should I focus on a SLO, Lead Magnet, Webinar, Challenge?


Sound familiar?

trigger warning: Once you star to build your ads you're often left wondering

Sure you could get hung up on taking different courses  or spending countless hours compiling different strategies but here's the thing - you need a unique strategy for YOU. 

Build better margins and make more profits so you can focus on serving your customers, creating new products, and building an overall better business


Stop hustling so hard and save time on marketing activities by automating your sales cycle 


See behind multiple six and seven figure ads that have worked for YEARS


Have one place to learn proven strategies for ads


But imagine if you could...

A full workbook to guide your customer journey through ads + funnels


A resource library with a plethora of recorded training videos, guides and templates


Six full courses to help you break down and implement the whole process


A go at your own pace program to kickstart your business


A self study series designed by Jenny Singh to show you how to build, launch optimize and scale your ads.

Everything is included to launch + optimize your Meta ads sustainably while adding in scalable paid ads - the Have Them At Hello way.

Get the proven strategies , so you can market yourself to your leads with the confidence, knowledge and resources to build high-converting, impactful funnels for your business -


Look no further, introducing....

What All Is Included

An insider look at

Not only do you get
 videos, you ALSO get fill in the blank

Learn how to:

  • Strategically identify opportunities and gaps in your customer journey 
  • Move your ideal customers closer to a sale
  • Identify your low hanging fruit opportunities

Developing Your Ad Funnel & Customer Journey 

Module #1

Every business is unique — which means that your ad funnel will be unique, too. Learn:

  • The principles for building a funnel that best serves your business
  • Exactly what your customers want
  • Quickly test ads for $1-5/day

Building Your Have Them At Hello Ad Funnels

Module #2


  • What to do once your funnel is live. 
  • Analyze what's working with your ads quickly and what's not
  • Identify ads that are unicorns and revenue builders — and build on them!

Launching Your Minimum Viable Ad Funnel 

Module #3

This module will:

  • Walk you through exactly what you need to know to navigate Ads Manager
  • Confidently handle setting up pixels, ads, audiences, and all the other essential "tech" tasks.

Technical How-To's

Module #4

Don’t think you’re a “copywriter”? No problem! Learn how to:

  • Write ad copy and craft headlines that resonate immediately with your ideal customer
  • Build creative that stops the scroll 
  • Attract hyper-qualified buyers at every stage of your funnel!

Ad Creative & Copywriting

Module #5

Learn how to:

  • Craft ads for a sustainable ad funnel
  • Adapt this your ads to any changes in the market, competition, or your customers 
  • no matter what happens in your business, you’ll always be prepared!

Results on Autopilot: Deploying Your Full Funnel Ad Campaign

Module #6

Get you the 411 on what to do when your ads go wonky or you know they could be converting better. Learn how to:

  • Audit your ads
  • Recognize what isn’t working
  • Fine-tune your ads for increased conversions!

Auditing and Troubleshooting Campaigns

Module #7

By now you will have profitable ads but there’s still more to do. Learn how to:

  • Scale ads that are working
  • Identify signs that you need to change strategies
  • Stay ahead of the ad game

Optimizing, Nurturing & Reactivating Your Ads + Customers

Module #8

Heard about the 'big changes' that happened in 2021?

We cover all of the technical changes you need to know from then and any updates since. This program is updated consistently to ensure all technical trainings are current.

The strategy though? It stays the same since the Have Them At Hello method performs even better post ios14 changes!

iOS 14 & Updates & Beyond

Module #9

Behind the scenes breakdown of multiple six figure ad strategies, the ads themselves and the entire runway leading up to a live launch (plus the roadmap for three months prior).

Behind The Scenes of Multiple 6-Figure Launches

Bonus #1

One of the most helpful ways to learn about how ads work is to look at real-world examples.

Each month, you’ll see behind-the-scenes of one of my actual client’s ad campaigns so you can see what’s happening in real-time — including what’s working, and what’s not. 

You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of how ad strategies play out and what’s possible. That means plenty of ideas to implement in your own business!

Client Ad & Funnel Breakdowns 

Bonus #2

Ever wondered how to turn an “OK” ad into an amazing, high-converting ad? With these ad “makeovers,” you can look over my shoulder as I revamp ad copy, layout, and creative for increased conversions.

Seeing the transformation will help you better grasp the principles so you can apply them to your own ads!

Ad Makeovers & Million $ Ad Copy Templates 

Bonus #3

Access to the breakdown of how we conceptualize and build ad creative that stands out and gets results for clients.

Ad Creative Ideation & Strategy Training

Bonus #4

With these “plug & play” style ad funnel maps, you can create a custom strategy based on your specific business model.

Just plug in your details, and you’ll get my recommendations for what ads to deploy for your specific funnel!

It’s like having your own private ads strategist in your back pocket (without the 1:1 price-tag!)

Offer + Product Launch Strategy

Bonus: Pay In Full Only

I'll act as your guide through our proven system we've used with clients for 5+ years and is our signature
 Have Them At Hello™ process.

By joining this group you are choosing to drastically expedite results.

Accelerator is a one of a kind program because

it provides everything you need to launch and optimize your lead generation and sales ads.

The age old question as always been: are my ads the problem or my sales funnels? What's working and what's not?

This program covers our ad, copywriting and creative expertise over the past 9+ years in the online business space. 

During that time we've seen behind over 200 client funnels (our clients stay 2+ years) and we have coached thousands of online entrepreneurs.

This means we've seen it all.

Inside Accelerator we've distilled down the core foundational elements we see working time and time again.

The outcome?

The right foundation to scale your ads for your business.

​End up right where they started . . . still hustling, still struggling . . . instead of enjoying the growth and freedom that comes from automating the sales cycle.

Get discouraged by the poor ROI and conversions from their ads and maybe even give up, believing that this powerful tool “just doesn’t work” for their business.

Waste dozens or even hundreds of hours over the never several months trying to piece together an ads strategy from questionable sources . . . and waste even more time trying to fix the inevitable problems.



Here’s the truth: yes, you could keep trying to figure out
a successful ads strategy yourself.

There are plenty of free resources out there.

Toss thousands of dollars down the toilet in the name of “testing” instead of using the smart, cost-effective strategies you’ll learn as part of the Accelerator


Inside we are covering every type of ad to build a system you need for success:

These are the proven strategies across clients, industries and behind our own funnels to increase sales and profitability.

An ad stystem that supports your business

Get access to the creative, copy and strategy behind ad strategies that are successful regardless of platform changes.


>> Foundational Have Them At Hello strategy
>> Self-liquidating offer + low-ticket 
>> Lead Magnet
>> Webinar ads
>> Challenge + Flash Sale 
>> So much more

A Facebook & Instagram strategy that scales

Your business is unique. Inside the funnels we will walk you through how to choose your funnels, which to build first, when to add more into the mix for your business and how to optimize each.

By the end you will have a machine that is attracting your ideal customers, accelerating the sales cycle and scaling your business.

Successful, proven messaging & creative




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9-Module Course Covering the Entire Ad Framework 
5 Bonus Trainings 
Offer & Product Launch Strategy

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How long do I get access?

Have Them At Hello Accelerator is a one time investment of $997. There is a monthly payment option for accessibility to our members.

How much does it cost?

This entirely depends on where you are currently at in your business and the state of your ads + funnels. Our goal for you is that by the end of the program you will be in optimization + maintenance mode needing just a few hours per week.

What is the time commitment?

You get instant access to all six programs instantly and for life.

>> Have Them At Hello Accelerator
>> All Bonuses

What do I get when I join?

It's only natural that you have questions, I have the answers!

Frequently asked questions

There are no refund offered due to the nature of the product being fully accessible instantly. Please ensure you are invested in your business and ads prior to joining. We know this program has incredible value and want you to feel confident enrolling.

What's the refund policy?

fter spending the last seven years helping clients grow to multiple six and seven figures,

I have consistently seen and heard the same issues persist when clients first come to me.

They’re tired, burnt out and nervous when it comes to Facebook ads.

They know paid ads can be the key to automating and growing their business but frankly - they had no clue how to do it in a way that was sustainable and with integrity.

They’re tired, burnt out and nervous when it comes to Facebook ads.

They know paid ads can be the key to automating and growing their business but frankly - they had no clue how to do it in a way that was sustainable and with integrity.

I want to help you expand your impact and build a sustainable, long term, revenue generating ads strategy. You and I are united by a desire to make an impact on the people we want to serve.

fter spending the last seven years helping clients grow to multiple six and seven figures,

I have consistently seen and heard the same issues persist when clients first come to me.


Are you new around here? Before we pop that cork, let me introduce myself! Hello, I'm Jenny, founder of Have Them At Hello.

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It's not just clients that get results...
it's thousands of business owners too.

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