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She knows how much the digital landscape and business landscape has changed.

We are the partner for you if you...

>> Want to increase revenue by $15-150K per month
>> Have a proven marketing funnel & offer(s)
>> Want an expert to execute your campaigns 
>> Want to free up time to focus on on other parts of your business

...and most importantly,

>> Want a long term partner to grow with
>> Approach business with a long term vision and truly care about your customer's experience

e already KNOW you (seriously).

Jenny started this agency in 2015 which now feels like the dawn of Facebook ads.


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Hey visionary. You can stop trying to do it all. We're here and you're in good hands.

Have we met? I'm
  Jenny and I've
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 the MAGIC touch.


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Ads Management for women ready to make a bigger impact by scaling & automating the business with ads & doing it authentically

Ads Management

Say goodbye to ads that don't bring in your dream customers.

It's time for our team to roll out our proprietary we've used with clients for 5+ years and is our signature Have Them At Hello process.

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Weekly, live reporting dashboard

Copywriting done for you

Custom design + motion graphics for your ads

Funnel review + audit

ROI projections every step of the way

We start with a strategy call to build a custom plan for your business.

What is included, you're asking?

Ad Management

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