How Ariel Had A $40,000 First Time Launch With Less Than $1,000 Ad Spend


April 11, 2023

Jennifer Singh

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Watch this video interview if you are interested in learning why running ads for your business is imperative to learn as a business owner and the gold mine of data that is to be found (for low costs). This data can quickly pinpoint your opportunities to scale and determine the messages and offers your ideal customers resonate with fast and for low investment in ad spend.

Ariel runs a branding agency as well as a product & course business that helps Other designers grow their businesses.

Within 6 months of joining the Accelerator  Ariel has:

  • Had A $40,000 First Time Launch With Less Than $1,000 Ad Spend
  • Launched a new product she knew would sell before creating it

This episode is perfect for you if you want to know what it’s like to:

  • Start with just $5 – $15 per day in ad spend
  • The mindset shift that catapulted her results
  • How her products with ads product over 50% of revenue she didn’t have before running ads

Key Takeaways

Did the subject get your attention?

Those pesky revenue headlines always do, am I right?

Here’s the thing, I don’t use those lightly. Big wins like that don’t come on your first round of putting an ad out there and never tell the full story.

This is why I adore Ariel and love sharing her story so much and wanted her to share in her own words.

Quick Back Story:

When Ariel joined the Accelerator she had never run an ad!

Prior to joining the Accelerator, she was running ads to a self-liquidating (SLO) funnel that just *wasn’t* taking off.

Within just 4 months she:

  •  She launched Have Them At Hello style ads
  • Pivoted her messaging to match what the data from her ads was telling her
  • Her SLO took off
  • She launched her second product to high demand to an audience who was just waiting for her to sell them and lands $40,000 in revenue from $800 in ad spend on her first launch.
  • Has launched multiple times since with similar results

Now, as shiny as those results look she put in the work and we talk all about it in the interview.

When Ariel started running ads in the Accelerator she felt every $5-10 spent. Maybe you relate?

Here’s the thing, starting with even $5-10 per day is a start. It snowballs and just a few months later you could be sharing your Words of Wisdom too!

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