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Feeling Like A Copycat? 👀 Here’s how to fix it


May 15, 2024

Jennifer Singh

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Have you ever been scrolling the internet and thought to yourself, “another masterclass/training/whatever ad”? 🙄

Why do all of the ads in our newsfeeds and stories look exactly alike? 

Do you know what happens when everyone’s ads start to look alike?

Your ideal customer starts to ignore you because they’re so used to it they just breeze right on by. 🏃‍♀️‍➡️🏃‍♀️‍➡️

Here’s why that’s happening:

Many people rely too heavily on spying on and screenshotting competitor’s ads that they no longer have their own identity.

You know that really cool tool that allows you to see any brand’s ads on Instagram and Facebook?

It’s a blessing and a curse.

What starts out as “inspo” becomes straight up copying and a little too close to being the same ad, do you know what I mean?

I got you 👊

The secret is: creating really dope (do people still say dope? I do!) ad creative that is so funny/striking/different/on point that people have to stop and look at it.

Here’s the thing: it doesn’t need to be so hard to come up with these ads. 

You have two options:

  1. Learn how to do this on your own (keep reading!)
  2. Have us create your ads for free when you are a member of Advestors

In 2024 and beyond your ad copy and creative will be one of the most vital aspects of your strategy.

No more “inspiration” for 100 ads that look identical. We update this monthly with new creative and the strategy behind them to create ads that get 3x ROAS.  

Like Apple said – be different.

So here are my biggest insights and tips on how to make yourself stand out on any feed on any platform:

➡️Get Inspired From Brands Outside Of Your Sector

This may be the biggest tip I have for you. Stop going to direct brand’s in your space to see what they are doing. Instead look at other brands that complement your offer.

Think: if you sell a gardening course what is Lowe’s doing right now? What’s your favorite gardening equipment doing right now?

Getting outside of your internet silo and out into the broader field will open up your perspective.

Fun fact: one of our best performing ad creative concepts that has worked in multiple sectors (personal finance, gardening, education, photography) was originally inspired by an alcohol brand’s ad. That’s right – completely unrelated. 

➡️Stop Assuming The Ads You See In Your Feeds Are Working

THIS. Just because a brand you respect or believe to be successful is running an ad it does not mean it’s working.

Unless you have access to the backend of a brand’s ads manager you truly cannot know the return on any ad you see. 

➡️ Start To Notice What Ads Stop YOU

Did you know that an average person sees over 4,000 ads every single day?

Now, this shouldn’t intimidate you. This is to tell you just how imperative it is for you to have a defining energy to your ad creative. 

Not every ad your ideal customers sees every day is a direct competitor to your offer (hello, you’re not competing with Jeep or Norway Tourism or *insert any brand here*) however there are absolutely other brands that are targeting your ideal customer with an alternative solution to their problem that you solve.

So I encourage you to start to notice why certain ads make you laugh, listen, pause, screenshot, share with a friend. These are the elements that you want to bring to your creative

By starting to implement a few of these actions you’ll be on your way to creative that not only stands out to your potential customers but sets you apart. It draws people in, generates profit, and builds brand equity.

Rooting you on,


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