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October 10, 2023

Jennifer Singh

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We’re bringing you our first Insider Access Have Them At Hello Agency Report!

Each month we will be sharing a recap and breakdown of a few of our most successful strategies and implementations for our agency clients.

Things like:

  • How we got our B2C course client over 4,000 hot leads for under $2.50 each
    • …plus since they were warm she had purchase rate of 18% of those that showed up live
  • A B2C client is getting 40+ $0.80 leads per day and how they are profitable in the first 30 days
    • Plus how we are ad stacking those leads for Black Friday
  • A client finished a live launch with 146 sales of a $997 product with an ad spend of $40k ….ending with a 3.5x ROAS!

Let’s dig in shall we?

We’ve been sharing our Have Them At Hello™ method since 2018 and it’s gotten consistently better results (even with the ios14 updates) and the increased competition for newsfeed space which – if you’ve been running ads – you’re noticing with the increase in CPMs or overall cost the past few years.

This is mainly due to increased competition aka an increase in cost per impression. It will only continue to increase regardless of platform choice. The answer? You just need a simple change to your overall strategy.

Breakdown #1: A 18% Purchase Rate & 4,000+ HOT webinar leads for under $2.50 in Q4 of 2023

The key to an 18%(!) purchase rate of a product isn’t just that the product is great and the offer is great. It’s that the person is primed to purchase.

This happens with a combination of the right messaging, the right creative that sets up their expectations correctly and pre framing your leads so they are excited to take the next step.

Step 1: Creative that is magnetic

The key to lower lead costs but maintaining quality is creative that really nails your customer’s desires and matches their daily life.

For metrics, the link click through rates (when someone clicks through the ad to a landing or sales page) is strong at 1.25% and the overall click rate (indicating interest is over 3%).

This showcases that the audience is receptive to the messaging and the overall offer. You really want to hone in want your customer really desires. That’s why in our Accelerator program our first section of the workbook we focus only on customer journey and research. Great ads start there.

Then, since they were warm but still new to her brand, you want to layer on the proper middle of funnel priming content so that in between becoming a new to your business lead to when you offer them the next thing your audience (aka potential customers and repeat customers):

  • get to know your brand event better
  • learn from you
  • continue the pre-framing that your offers are the best – and only
  • solutions to their problems/desires

This fires them up before you offer them the sale. For this client and business pre framing started about 14-21 days out.

Breakdown #2: How to get $0.80 new cold leads profitable in the first 30 days and how to prep for an amazing 2023 Black Friday

  • $0.80 leads for a free download
  • 10% profit on those leads in the first 30 days of those leads
  • $26 cost per purchase of a $140 subscription product for those leads after the 30 days

Let’s talk about how we got there.

Now, there’s a lot of voices on the internet shouting about how “free leads” don’t convert into paid customers. You only want to go after people who pay you first (aka buy something small).

Here’s our take: both free leads and paid customers can become great customers!

What it really comes down to is the context in which they enter your business and what you do next with those leads.

How To Prepare For An Epic Black Friday

Now, the businesses that really have success come Black Friday are preparing now. The biggest and most profit you will have are with customers who are already brand aware.

That’s why we are focused on scaling our free download leads for this brand.

We already know they are leads that are “paying for their ad spend” by being profitable in the first 30 days. So we are growing the email list “for free”. Our focus is now on ensuring that anyone who doesn’t purchase in the first 30 days of the flagship product is

a) aware of the product

b) is getting ads at a low cost per touchpoint about how the product helps other customers and how it’s different from other solutions

c) teasing the Black Friday offer a week prior to a waitlist so the customers flag their Black Friday budgets to ensure they buy the product at the annual discount sale.

Breakdown #3: Live Launch Recap of a 3.5 ROAS with a $997 product

Let’s get this out of the way first: these leads aren’t “cheap”. We paid between $6-8 per lead for the people who signed up for a free event for this product.

That’s exactly what we wanted.

You want to focus on where your best buyers come from. Many business owners make the mistake of focusing on pure lead volume or cost per lead alone. This may be the biggest mistake I see.

What would you rather have in your business:

  • A lead that costs $6 but purchases at 15%
  • A lead that costs $2 but purchases at 1%

Option #1 all day!

That’s why focusing on what each lead does next is vital.

What you should do instead: Test a variety of entry points with ads and funnels to watch the entire customer journey. This can be to a variety of things – the options are endless and unique to your business!

Enter: Ad Stacking

For this brand what we hyper focused on leading up to this launch was what we call “ad stacking” (we talk about ad stacking in our free training).

When you bring a new, cold lead into your business you really want to focus on not only the entry point that helps qualify your new leads but one that also begins to pre frame them for your products + offers as the solution they’ve been looking for.

You don’t want to meet someone and say “hey want to buy my thing?!”. Wouldn’t it be better for your customer to think “THIS is what I’ve been searching for. Finally!”

30-45 days out we were planning the right ad stack the data was telling us worked best to convert into this product. That way when we invited leads to the live event they were pre framed for wanting to purchase the product and it shortened the sales cycle.

Want to learn how to achieve this for your own business?

The client in example #1 was a member of Accelerator program and started by spending just $20/day. Learn how you can implement for your own business in our free training.

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